Parametri e variabili di WordPress


sort_column (stringa)
Ordina le pagine secondo diversi criteri. Di base l’ordine è alfabetico per PAGE TITLE.
Ecco i vari  
  • 'post_title' – Sort Pages alphabetically (by title) – default
  • 'menu_order' – Ordina le pagine per Page Order (solo se settato direttamente da voi nel WP-ADMIN.
  • 'post_date' – Ordina per data di creazione.
  • 'post_modified' – Ordina per data e ora di modifica.
  • 'ID' – Ordina per il  Page ID.
  • 'post_author' – Ordina per ID autore.
  • 'post_name' – Ordina alfabeticamente tramite POST-SLUG.

Note: The sort_column parameter can be used to sort the list of Pages by the descriptor of any field in the wp_post table of the WordPress database. Some useful examples are listed here.

sort_order (string)
Change the sort order of the list of Pages (either ascending or descending). The default is ascending. Valid values:

  • 'asc' – Ascendente (Default).
  • 'desc' – Discendente.
exclude (string)
Attraverso una lista di id, separati da virgola è possibile escludere delle pagine 
 (esempio: 'exclude=3,7,31').
include (string)
Only include certain Pages in the list generated by wp_list_pages. Like exclude, this parameter takes a comma-separated list of Page IDs. There is no default value. See the Include Pages in List example below.
depth (integer)
This parameter controls how many levels in the hierarchy of pages are to be included in the list generated by wp_list_pages. The default value is 0 (display all pages, including all sub-pages).

  • 0 – Pages and sub-pages displayed in hierarchical (indented) form (Default).
  • -1 – Pages in sub-pages displayed in flat (no indent) form.
  • 1 – Show only top level Pages
  • 2 – Value of 2 (or greater) specifies the depth (or level) to descend in displaying Pages.
child_of (integer)
Displays the sub-pages of a single Page only; uses the ID for a Page as the value. Defaults to 0 (displays all Pages).
show_date (string)
Display creation or last modified date next to each Page. The default value is the null value (do not display dates). Valid values:

  • '' – Display no date (Default).
  • 'modified' – Display the date last modified.
  • 'xxx' – Any value other than modified displays the date (post_date) the Page was first created. See the example below.
date_format (string)
Controls the format of the Page date set by the show_date parameter (example: “l, F j, Y“). This parameter defaults to the date format configured in your WordPress options. See Formatting Date and Time and the date format page on the php web site (
title_li (string)
Set the text and style of the Page list’s heading. Defaults to '__('Pages')', which displays “Pages” (the __('') is used for localization purposes). If passed a null or empty value (''), no heading is displayed, and the list will not be wrapped with <ul>, </ul> tags. See the example for Headings.
echo (boolean)
Toggles the display of the generated list of links or return the list as an HTML text string to be used in PHP. The default value is 1 (display the generated list items). Valid values:

  • 1 (true) – default
  • 0 (false)

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